A More Natural Approach to Vitiligo Treatment:

Medical Vitiligo Treatment OptionIf you are tired of new white spots and streaks appearing on your skin, there’s no need to suffer in silence.

I used to think the only way to get help for my condition was to spend thousands of dollars visiting the dermatologist and trying out harsh, medical vitiligo treatment methods that caused many side effects.

Fortunately, I found a few natural treatment for vitiligo that have helped me without costing me a lot of money.

Safety First

Vitiligo often affects areas of the skin that have been damaged by cuts, scrapes, and other injuries. Reduce your risk of a flareup by protecting your skin as much as possible. If you engage in risky activities, such as rock climbing or hiking, wear protective clothing and shoes.

Natural Vitiligo CureNutrition Supplements

If you want to lessen the effects of vitiligo, you must get the right amounts of important nutrients. Vitamin B12, folic acid, and vitamin C have all been shown to benefit people with vitiligo, but you may not get enough of these vitamins in your diet. B12 is primarily found in animal products, so you should take a supplement if you are a vegetarian. Supplementing your diet with a multvitamin will help you to achieve the right balance of required nutrients. Some people have also had success by avoiding GMO foods that cause skin problems, which you can learn more about by checking out: http://www.gmfreeschools.org/

Amino Acids

Your body uses amino acids to create proteins, which give you energy and help your body produce hormones and other substances. L-phenylalanine, an amino acid, is one of the proposed treatment for vitiligo. One small study showed that L-phenylalanine may work as a vitiligo treatment, but a larger study is needed to confirm the results.

Plant Extracts

Researchers found that a fruit extract called khellin seems to be helpful in treating vitiligo naturally. In a double-blind study, some people took khellin and increased their exposure to natural sunlight, while others increased their sunlight exposure and took a placebo. More than 76 percent of the people who took the khellin experienced repigmentation of their white patches. There are also a host of other natural treatments available at Tip Top Treatments website if you are looking to do down this path.

Ginkgo Biloba

Scientists believe oxidative stress plays a role in vitiligo. Oxidative stress occurs when oxygen reacts with other molecules in the human body. Ginkgo biloba works as an antioxidant, so it may be helpful for slowing its progression. In one study, the process of depigmentation slowed down significantly in the group of people who were treated with ginkgo biloba.


Most of the natural treatments for vitiligo must be taken orally or applied topically, but there are other otions. Dr. Andrew Weil says skin conditions usually respond well to hypnosis, so give this a try if you do not want to take harmful medications or apply harsh chemicals to your delicate skin. There have been reports of hypnosis helping vitiligo sufferers regain some of their lost skin pigmentation, according to Dr. Weil.

With all the natural treatments available, there’s no need to pay thousands of dollars for UV therapy and other costly treatments that may do nothing to improve the appearance of your skin.

Getting Started

You can treat your vitiligo naturally by getting the right nutrients for your skin, trying herbal remedies, or undergoing hypnosis with an experienced hypnotist. To get started, we highly recommend checking out the Natural Vitiligo Treatment System by Michael Dawson, an independent nutritionist, and a biomedical researcher. You can learn more about it here at his official website.